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So, you’re learning a language? Good for you! That means you’ve most likely toyed around with textbooks and dictionaries and boring professors and Google Translate.
If you're using any of those methods, I’m guessing you don’t exactly feel fluent in your new language; the reason is that true language learning requires immersion. Immersion into a new language consists of practicing the language (both listening and speaking) in a conversational setting with a fluent speaker. The more you are immersed in a foreign language, the more you will learn and retain practical and useful words, phrases, and ideas.
So...why HireaTutor.com?
We’re passionate about language immersion because we’ve experienced it. Our team has been able to quickly learn foreign languages by literally immersing ourselves in the conversations and culture of native speakers. We also have years of combined experience teaching and tutoring others in effective language pronunciation, grammar, and conversational skills. We believe so strongly that the concept of language immersion is underemphasized that we wanted to start HireaTutor.com, a place where you can learn by immersion--speaking, listening, and asking questions--without having to move to a foreign country and leave your pet goldfish behind. It's the best of both worlds.
With today’s technology and the ability to communicate face to face in real time, regardless of location, HireaTutor.com offers the best opportunity for anyone to learn and refine a new language.

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